Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monkeys, Wigs, and Rogue Zucchini

It's very strange to realize that my 5-year-old daughter is a better athlete than I ever was.

Weaves are this year's hot, new fungal vector.

So last year, we started a compost box. We added our vegetable debri to it all winter and when we started our garden a few weeks ago, we mixed it in with the soil. Well, it turns out that if you include seeds in your compost, there's a good chance that some of those seeds will maintain their viability. We have what appear to be zucchini plants popping up all over the garden where they were never intended. They could be butternut squash, or even spaghetti squash. We ate all of those. They're probably zucchini. It seems a shame to weed them out, so if if anyone wants some zucchini seedings, just let us know.


Rachel said...

Look at that monkey go!

Rachel said...

I want some zucchini seedlings. Do you think they'd survive the mail?