Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nogs and Logs

Ho Ho Ho.
We attended the annual Proctor Elementary Holiday Program a couple weeks ago. They used a new format which shortened the run-time significantly, which was appreciated, but it made it difficult to get a decent picture of our eldest, who was stuck in the back.  
She's the blond on the left.
Lucy was right at the front of the stage though, which made her the photographic center of attention. She performed well, despite being stuck between a couple of yule-log Saxons throughout the duration. Those two boys spent most of  two numbers throwing fake snow at each other with Lucy between them. 5-year-old Neanderthals, that's what she has for schoolmates.
 Then we had Christmas. Here are a few pictures of children, delighting in the holiday consumerism. We are grateful that they are still at an age in which they don't realize or care that a good many of their gifts come from the thrift store or craigslist.

We thought that our eldest had figured out the true nature of Kris Kringle. She told us a couple times that she knew who Santa Claus was, but when she came downstairs at 4:15 AM, she said, "Look what he brought!"

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