Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Young Gets Less-So

We celebrated Sam's 2nd birthday this weekend. She won't actually be two years old until the 22nd. Her cousin Maxwell is two weeks her senior, so Grandma and Papa Thorne were kind enough to gather the entire herd to their backyard for a celebration. Like any other kine in Missouri, we mostly lounged in the shade while we grazed.
Sam's favorite gift was a makeup kit, which will only be used under strict supervision from now on.
Apparently, there's a limit to the number of pictures you can include in a single posting, so keep scrolling. I like candid shots.

If anybody can guess the nature of that brown blob next to the spoon, you win a special prize.


Weekes Family said...

Two already??? She is adorable. It looks like you had a great party. The newest addition is way cute. Wished we all lived closer.. (You look great too!!)

Wendell & Deanna Tolman said...

In the interest of becoming eligible for the coveted special prize, I could like to guess that the mysterious brown blob was deposited by an uninvited feathered guest and is not, in fact, Grey Poupon.

Rachel said...

I think it's chocolate pudding.

Megan & Jeremy said...

I know what it is...I made a dung hill like that using day-old, air-dried guacamole, with a touch of red #6. You can send the prize to my permanent address since I'll be moving in the next week or so. Should I prepare an acceptance speech?