Friday, July 6, 2007

The Tempest

Sam's adjustment to her new sister's arrival is hopefully approaching its apex. We're on a steady diet of pouting and whining with daily supplements of prostrate flailing and self-flaggelation. She even managed to repeatedly kick herself in the face the other day.
Jon is currently finishing up week 1 of his 6-week "capstone". During the capstone portion of his schooling, he gets to work on the night shift on the Progressive Care Unit at Centerpointe Medical Center. Does he get money? Ha. His August 11th graduation looms ever closer.
Becky is doing a spectacular job holding the household together despite her husband's irregularly nocturnal schedule, her toddler's malcontent, and her infant's overactive poop gland. She even looks good. REAL good.

This is the position for Sam's "power pout". We also call it tantrum level green.

In truth, she's a very sweet little girl 82% of the time. That's what we try to document.

Sam prefers the cat version.


Jen Scott said...

Jon and Becky! I am amazed at how the blogging world works. This is Jen (Sorensen) Scott. I lived in the villa with you guys. Tyson and I are living in San Francisco.. .well close to it. We just had twins, and are doing great. You can see us at

GordonandChrissy said...

Oh how I miss that little Sam. She's so cute.

Megan & Jeremy said...

Super cute Sam! Keep with the opera lessons...they'll pay off! I always wish I hadn't quit.
It's nice to see so many more pictures and videos. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, do you know what ever happened to Ben Nordby?

Anonymous said...

write me back on my blog so it makes me look popular... oh and so I'll actually read it. :)

c jane said...

What a cute family!

And may I just say that my husband Chup (Chris Kendrick) remembers the kilts?