Tuesday, July 24, 2007


There's been a fair amount of traffic in and out of the Kansas City area. The ever-enthusiastic Aunt Chrissy showed up for a while to add both joy and chemical dyes to her beloved family. Her visit was eclipsed by both the Ralston clan and Samantha's "Favorite Uncle" Mel and Aunt Sandy. More visits are expected in the coming weeks, assuring us a continuation of this superb, familial bliss.

Zoey Ralston is four months younger than Sam. She's obviously put forth more effort into growing hair, but that didn't help her when we tried out the toddler-sized brass knuckles.

Cassie Ralston was more interactive with both our daughters. This one on the left shows Samantha doing her impression of a dementor.

Fine. Zoey's cute. What do you want from me?


With all these people coming over, Samantha pitched in with the chores. This is the aftermath of helping to empty the dishwasher.

"Favortie Uncle" Mel with his super-human nuzzle.

Grandma Deanna made Lucy's blessing dress and bonnet. We tried it on. You can place orders at http://minkpoop.blogspot.com/ I think they cost about a million billion dollars for non-descendants.

Cooper, Ethan, and Max all test their mettle against Sam's superior intellectual prowess. She switched to red to throw them off.
That little girl is going to make a lot of powerful people uncomfortable one day.

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GordonandChrissy said...

I love the pictures! Keep 'em coming. :) It was so fun to visit with you guys and be able to see little Lucy. That dress your mom made is so adorable! She really should sell those, I'm sure they're very time consuming though. Can we place an order way in advance? Something ... unisex, just in case. :)