Sunday, October 28, 2007

Frothy Hooved Mammals

This picture remind me of a spiritual thought I used to share when I was on my mission in California. It was about a bulldozer that wasn't content with it's life so he goes back to school several times to be a podiatrist, a zookeeper, and a French linguist. Then he finally gives up and goes back to being a bulldozer, but his new skills allow him to cope with a giant fire-breathing lizard-zebra which he finally bulldozes into the ground.

This is a woman making cheese.

We took a trip back to the Deanna Rose Farm to feed the baby goats. We discovered that the baby goats are not so baby anymore. They're still more than willing take a bottle. In fact, they're now able to bite the entire nipple in half so the milk spills out onto their faces. (Remind you of any 4-month-olds that got themselves bumped over to formula recently?)

We don't generally dress our girls alike. It's mostly because we don't have any matching outfits, but it's also obnoxious. So here's a pic of our obnoxiously cute girls.

We went to the temple on Saturday. This is the best shot we took.

Halloween has a black-and-white theme this year. We couldn't find a nun, penguin, mime, or Michael Jackson costume, so Becky went as a ninja and I went as her photographic negative. Lucy the dalmation was unavailable for the group picture, so she got flashed while she was the camera, you sleaze.


The Hale Family said...

your hair is so long!!! i love the boots, bec!

Jen Scott said...

I have been waiting to see what you would be for Halloween. I still remember the Halloween that you were corn poop! Cute halloween pictures! Good ideas!

ecuakim said...

Okay, Jen, I remember the year that he went as a Q-tip! With ear wax on top and everything! Gross. The ninja is much better!

The Hale Family said...

You've been tagged. Visit my blog for details.