Monday, October 8, 2007

Pioneer Children did what?

We've recently had the opportunity to use our thigh muscles in support of our nephews. I'm not talking about our stand on immigration, people, so get that right out of your heads.
Sam's cousin, Jack Thorne has Down Syndrome and we attended the 12th annual Buddy Walk at Arrowhead Stadium. It's a lot of eating hot dogs and hamburgers and free fizzy yogurts with a number of local media outlets and businesses making sure you know that they support good causes, then some of the crowd takes a short jaunt around the two ballparks.
One week later, we went with the Varones to the FAAN (Food Allergy Awareness Network) walk. Cooper Varone's head explodes if you give him a nut. Understandably, the food at the FAAN walk wasn't nearly as good. Lots of soy products and treats that didn't have ingredients.
Interestingly, the FAAN walk was a fairly grueling 2-mile trek over numerous hills at a Kansas park. Maybe they figure that a coating of sweat is a good way to protect the kiddos from allergens.

The carnivorous Jack Thorne, doing to a patty what must be done to a patty.

Sam was fascinated by, but not trustful of this colorful and surely odorific, Jesus-loving clown. There were actually a number of clowns advocating Christianity. ZING!

There was quite a crowd at the Buddy Walk. If you look really really close, you can see Sue Thorne worrying about something or other.

This creepy frog lurked around the outhouses smearing hallucinogens from its glands onto unsuspecting toddlers and old people.

The Varones, all extremely aware in the allergy sense, and all willing to pimp themselves out to companies that produce anti-allergy products.

Jon and Lucy Tolman. Jon is not allergic to foods, but pollen is not his friend. Lucy was not aware of allergies, or anything else that happened while we were there.
Cooper, the boy who keeps pecan pie out of family gatherings but is so worth it.

Unrelated to helping kids with Down Syndrome or allergies, we put Sam on the little potty chair and managed to catch a tinkle. That was a couple days ago, but please oh please let this be the start of something beautiful.


GordonandChrissy said...

We wish we could've been there for those walks, such cute little guys. Looks like you all had fun without us though, somehow. haha.

The Hale Family said...

Holy cow...if kids would only come potty trained! I love the pics and I especially love the pic where your cute face is sneaking out! :) I miss you Bec!

Anonymous said...

i now vote you most entertaining blogger. I definitely look forward to your posts cause they're stinkin funny. Thanks for the vitamin C info by the way. Fortunately, the puking has ceased. Altough now I have a very strong aversion to all things citrus. Whatcha gonna do?