Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Feast of Stephen

Ho Ho, and an additional Ho! Lucy woke up in the middle of the night before Christmas, and we didn't want her to disturb Samantha, who could have realized the Fat Man had already delivered. So, Lucy woke up Christmas morning on the couch, and was still in a bit of a slumbery stupor as Sam handed out the gifts.

This is the "I just got the Christmas Carol Barbie I asked for" look.

She wore this the rest of the day. Thank you, Grandma Thorne.

It's nice that our kids are still young enough that they don't reallize that Santa can't afford to give them everything Santa would like to give them. Lucy would have been perfectly content to just eat candy bracelets and play with her kiddie cell-phone we got at the dollar store.

Sam also likes the scarf mommy made her, but that smile is due the news that Samantha's mortal enemy, Gertrude Von Shrapnel had perished on Christmas Eve in a bizzare waffle accident.

A moment of toddler self-consciousness.


GordonandChrissy said...

They are so cute!!! I love Sam's princess outfit and Mom is here with me now looking at the cute pictures. We wish you were all out here to see little Spencer!

I also like Sam's face after opening her Barbie. :)

eNJay & B said...

looks like you all had a good old time. i still remember the year i got a barbie i wanted for christmas. it was so exciting (although nothing as neat as christmas carol barbie).

so you liked our turtle ornament, eh? it is pretty nice i have to admit. a gift from the mom-in-law a few years ago.

Rachel said...

That video of Lucy is awesome.