Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Ma'am. Just look-a-likes.

We all look like things. I don't know why our daughters look like old, flamboyant musicians, but it could be worse.

I think we're actually going to send out a Christmas letter this year. We don't have very many home addresses. If you'd like one, please send your address to
You could also post it in the comments section, but that's quite a bit more public. Anyways, Merry Christmas if we don't get your address.


ecuakim said...

LOL. Love The Parent Trap, by the way. What a great post title. Weird post, as usual, but great title! :) I'll send you my address, if you send me yours... but I already sent out all my cards, so you guys are gonna have to just wait until next year. No worries, you're not missing much.

Megan and Jeremy said...

Jon, you found a "look alike" for everyone else in your family but couldn't find one for yourself? Hmmm...glasses on and then glasses off...I don't get it.