Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last Regarding the Lone Star State

On cool, but not cold, winters day in Austin, Texas, nineteen people related by blood or marriage to Wendell Tolman set out capture catfish so that they might consume fish flesh.

Samantha Love Tolman is much more attractive than a catfish.

Nora Deanne Tolman is smarter than a catfish, though she'd probably fare worse if we were to toss her into a fresh-water pond.
Several things should be noted here as you compare and contrast the following two digital images:
1: Both Jon and Becky Tolman are mightier than a catfish
2: Becky, with her 10-pound catch, is obviously mightier than Jon
3: That fish is as large as Becky's leg
4: Adam Benefield and Ben Terry did not catch any fish.
These are not catfish, though I suppose they could one day grow whiskers.

Lucy Tolman and Annie Benefield were not interested in fish. They are dainty. They say things like "teacup" and "pony" and "nuva ring".


Anonymous said...

I inclination not concur on it. I assume precise post. Expressly the appellation attracted me to be familiar with the whole story.

GordonandChrissy said...

Becky, that fish is HUGE! Way to go, Ms. Sportswoman.

The video of Lucy saying "Teeeea, CUP!" is SOOO cute. It looks like you guys had a great time!

eNJay & B said...

Hey that looks fun, I'd like to go fishing for leg-long catfish. B