Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Hair

We haven't quite compiled our list of invitees prior to the privatization of our blog. Whether it's due to our remarkable popularity or our tepid enthusiasm for the change, we're dragging our feet a bit.
In the mean time, we've had several people asking us about the results of our baby shave which took place last September. Well,

There it is. Behold the flowing, golden locks. A veritable Rapunzel. Did it work? Eh. Would I take more advice from a Mexican Gypsy? Almost certainly.


Aaron and Melissa said...

Oh my!! She looks so grown up!! I haven't seen her for so long that she totally grew up :( She has beautiful hair. She is so cute!! Good luck in your future Mexican gypsy suggested endeavors :)

GordonandChrissy said...

Does she have a little pony tail there on top? If so - I think it was a TOTAL success. We never had that much hair until we were 12. ha.

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Jon and Becky said...

And that, folks, is an example of why we're going private.

Anonymous said...

But I think you could block the occasional idiots that show up. Can't you block certain people? No?

Brits said...

Do you think it's too late to shave my 4-year-olds hair? Maybe if I leave her alone in the room with some clippers, she'll just do it herself.

I was able to get rid of spam comments by adding the word verification. So I suggest that!

And I bought those tube socks at Wal Mart. $1!