Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Colorado Wonder

As was previously posted, we had the pleasure last week of basking in the company and hospitality of the Senior Tolmans in Colorado.
Speaking of basking, check out THAT hunk of temptation. The frigid waters of the Aurora reservoir did nothing to temper the overwhelming hotness of Wendell E. Tolman.

And here he is with a pair of sandy breasts.

Samantha the mermaid in the very bright sun.

As you can see, Becky needed to change her swimsuit after the first hour due to some unwelcome fabric incursion.

We also went to a place called "Tiny Town" which is up in the foot hills and has been gradually getting bigger since the 1920s. It's a bunch of little houses and a little train. See how happy everyone is?

Sam is standing in front of the Mini McMurphy's Boarding House. I left out the pictures of the mini saloon, the mini glue factory (complete with mini horse carcass loading dock), the Tiny Town DMV, and the mini red light district.
This is another lady who thought her kids looked cute on the train.

Grandma Deanna got Sam a new princess dress for her upcoming birthday because she desperately needed more dress-ups.

Becky and the Kung Fu master in Dick's sporting goods.

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