Friday, July 10, 2009

One day at a time

A Day in the life of a Tolman.

Wake up to sweet Nora's cry.

Go through another of these:

Feed her some of this liquid gold:

Sam wakes up and joins Nora and mom on the couch.

This is what it looks like afterwards.

Sam loves to color. So does Lucy, but Sam has actually started trying to stay in the lines. She drew a horse at church today that was pretty impressive for a 3-year old.
This is usually what Sam chooses to do during nap/quiet time.

This is Lucy after her nap on Mom & Dad's bed. Sometimes we play outside in the sprinkler, or go to the library or the spray park. Last weekend this happened:
It's a blurry picture of a reunion of old friends, but I didn't actually attend. They camped. Enough said.

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