Friday, July 3, 2009


We were in Colorado for a week. Why, you ask? Well be quiet. I ask the questions here.

We went to escape the Missouri heat for a bit and to enjoy the company of Grumpa and Grandma Tolman before the latter takes off on her East Coast adventure .

These are some scenes from the Denver Aquarium, whose main attraction is a collection of Indonesian Tigers. Again, take that quizzical look off your face, it makes you look silly.

Big tube. surrounded by fish. GREAT BIG TUBE. Surrounded by FISH.

A great big tube surrounded by fish is an ideal place for swiveling your hips. Just ask Terry Kaiser.
Almost four years old and wearing a pink hat. It's as though she knows exactly where Bin Laden is hiding.

Keep your kids in the net. In the NET! Not the particle accelerator!!

Keep your kids in the net and keep your wife in an underwater bubble with a limited oxygen supply. That's what Uncle Clair always taught me.

That shark was much bigger than it appears in this picture. And Samantha was wearing shorts, I swear.


Becky said...

No she wasn't. None of us were. The Tolmans don't wear pants on Mondays in honor of National Awareness to Register Dead Kittens, or NARDK. The D is silent.

Johanna and Josh said...

You two must be feeling extra crazy...did you forget your Haldol? I'm glad CO was great. What did you do with all of your Albanians?

Jon and Becky said...

I was just showing the blog pictures to Lucy and when Sam's picture came up she clearly said, Sissy. I've never been a fan of calling little girls sissy, but I'll take what I can get! Woo hoo!

GordonandChrissy said...

Yay, Lucy!!!

Jon and Becky said...

And Johanna, the Albanians were with us until they demanded separate sleeping arrangements from us on Monday nights. Whatever.

Rachel said...

Cool aquarium pictures. They made me feel a little bit dizzy. We're going to have a great NARDK party tomorrow. Too bad you're not here for the celebrations. The kids and I are going to dress up like ghost kittens and go around the neighborhood getting people to sign petitions. Pants on this time. The fines get pretty steep.